High-Speed Railways Bear Witness

February 24, 2020Women of China
High-Speed Railways Bear Witness
High-Speed Railways Bear Witness [For Women of China] 


Author: Meng Guangshun

Publishing House: China Workers' Press

Publication Time: October 2019


When a high-speed train takes its passengers through mountains, across rivers, through tunnels and over bridges, people often know little about how the railway was built and how they form a criss-cross rail network. 

The book High-Speed Railways Bear Witness tells the story of a group of Chinese workers who overcome difficulties — sometimes paying with their blood and even their lives — to build high-speed railways in the tough and complex environment of the mountains.

The high-speed train is a shining calling card of China, attracting much attention from the international community. The book tells the stories of the employees of China Railway Construction Corp (CRCC), who travel around the country, enduring hardships and dangers, to build the high-speed network.

It demonstrates the CRCC workers' dedication and active participation in the development of both high-speed railways and the wider national economy. It also praises the country's achievements and progress and the railway workers' love for the motherland.

The novel is full of ups and downs and its characterization is meticulous, boasting high readability and artistic appeal.

Meng Guangshun, the author, was born in 1960 and is a senior engineer and senior leader of the 22nd Bureau of China Railway Group. He is also a prolific writer, taking the railway industry as his subject.

His publications include the novels The End of Time and Soul of Rivers.

Meng's work experience in the railway industry over the past 30-plus years inspired his latest creation and offered him a unique perspective and technical knowledge in writing the book.

With a strong sense of historical responsibility, Meng created the work in his spare time over the past year. He wanted to show the magnificence of China's high-speed railway construction from multiple perspectives with a panoramic view, and to depict a group of heroic figures as they build the high-speed railway.

He praised the workers' devotion, precision, refinement, innovation and courage, as well as China's "high-speed railway spirit."


(Source: Xinhuanet.com, People.cn and Youth.cn/Translated and edited by Women of China)


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